Tony C. Spears is an Army veteran, police officer, author, and  speaker. He has had the honor of serving in law enforcement in the states of Texas and California. Tony was born in Houston and relocated to California in 2001. As a public servant he has always enjoyed helping others. His normal work day is filled with him talking too or giving advice to someone. Once a coworker told him he was too friendly to be a "COP!" He truly believes in using his gift to building relationships with everyone in the community. Tony has been blessed with an amazing career. He has had the opportunity to affect positive change in the lives of others.



As a young boy Tony dreamed of only two things in life. He wanted to be a soldier and a policer officer. In 1985 after graduating from high school Tony joined the U.S. Army for 4 years. His law enforcement career started in 1990 as a correctional officer. Tony now has a new dream and calling in life and that is to build a better relationship between the Young Adult and Law Enforcement communities through education.
Tony passion is people! He has always been passionate about the welfare and choices of young adults. His focus is speaking to and working with young adults. Tony believes that EDUCATION is the key to help young adults make smarter and wiser decisions. He partners with high schools, colleges, universities, civic groups, youth sports organizations and other groups to help young adults achieve their dreams.